The Contemporary theme shows off Italia’s versatility while emphasizing the unique flavor and expression of each piece: fumed oaks and smoked glass, subtle and understated, work effortlessly together with intense amber-toned glossy lacquers, while chocolate-brown satin-dipped metals blend with natural-toned leathers and cool, textured grays.

Luxury Chic

Luxury Chic’s radiant glossy lacquers and exciting contrasts, including hairline-finish brass and anthracite-gray velvets, bring the Italia vision to an exceptional level of elegance and refinement—the essence of “luxury chic.”


The Timeless theme expresses an elegance through its gradated hues and soft, warm tones. Its aesthetics are rooted in up-to-date interpretations of traditional materials: terra-cotta, hammered or hairline-brushed bronze, waxed iron matched with muted earth-pigment lacquers, and an entirely contemporary touch of American walnut.